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Molly - Muse and Nature Goddess

Molly - Muse and Nature Goddess

One fall day in 2008 I picked up Molly from Greely High School. I had never met her before that day (I had talked to her mom obviously) and took her to an apple orchard out in the countryside for a creative shoot. Since that day we have shot at least twice a year on some kind of project or another. Molly has become like a little sister to me, she is my family. We've been through it together- and back again. I hope the connection comes through in our work together. She's my go to model but she's also my go to girl for just about everything. Love you Molls!

This project has been an ongoing Pinterest obsession for a year.  With the beautiful makeup skills of Samantha Paglia we were able to create these ethereal images of Molly, the nature sprite, rolling in the leaves and loving the dirt (Molly LOVES dirt).

Many more projects this fall to come. Life is short. Make ART.






Kennebunkport Prelude Winter Wonderland Mini Sessions December 2 and 3 at Frinklepod Farm