For Love of Your Tween...


Your session includes:
Hair and Makeup (natural look only)
8 Retouched High Res Images
30 Minute Session (not including hair and makeup)


The Tween years. Torturous, debilitating, emotional, confusing, horrifying.... I could go on and on. I remember, and as a human, you remember too. You remember because it's probably the hardest part of our lives. The most important part of a young woman's development is her self esteem and how she sees herself. What if you could give her a gift that would allow her to see herself in a whole new light? What if you could take some of the pressure off these hard years? Why do these girls take so many selfies? Because they want to be loved, but most of all they want to love themselves. We had mirrors... our daughters have their phones. Let's do it right.

Tween sessions start at $275 and include hair and makeup (light and super natural, they are after all still children but it will depend on comfort level and age)/ pose coaching (because they are tweens and already feel awkward, so I SHOW them what to do every step of the way)/ 15 retouched (lightly) images for download/  2 Outfit changes (you can bring more and we'll pick)/ $100 print credit (because I WANT you to print these and put them on your wall so your tween can say "wow my mom loves me".

Rates change based on outfits and images.

Session are performed in Arundel Maine in my studio or outdoors weather permitting and time of year.

Book now and shoot later with a deposit of $100 here (gift certificates available with a deposit): Book IT

For several years I have been photographing women of all ages. I am extremely sensitive to teens and tweens and their insecurities. Please know that my first priority is her comfort level. I have years of experiencing teaching and mentoring tween girls and I will treat your daughter as I would treat my own. I was never blessed with a daughter (2 sons) but I believe there is a reason why. I believe that reason is so that I would have the patience and strength to encourage yours. xo